Easiest Way to Upload a Video From Facebook Live to YouTube

Want to know how to upload those videos from Facebook Live to YouTube without the fuss? In this video and post I will explain why and how to share your videos on YouTube. 

Why Download Facebook Videos Then Upload to YouTube?

Several reasons. So if you’re in business and you’re doing Facebook Lives, you are producing content for your audience. It’s great to have create content but just as greater to distribute that content in as many places as possible. You want massive exposure.

Facebook Live video is awesome, but YouTube is also awesome too. Remember, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. You definitely want to have your videos there so more people can find it.

Furthermore, if you are blogging, you can re-purpose your video content on to your blog posts. Hopefully you are blogging because it is a critical component to your marketing and lead generation strategy.  You want to upload your videos from Facebook Live to You Tube so that you can embed those videos into your blog posts.



How to Upload a Video from Facebook Live to YouTube

So there are 2 things to consider.

Download Facebook Videos to iPhone or Android, Then Upload to YouTube

If you are doing a Facebook Live on your phone, then its pretty simple. As you end your Facebook Live on the phone, you will see an option to save the video on your phone. Once saved, you can either go to your where your videos are saved on your phone and share it to YouTube or go straight to the YouTube app and upload from there.

Download Facebook Videos to Computer, Then Upload to YouTube

If you are doing your Facebook Live video from your desktop then it’s a little bit different. Currently you can do a Facebook Live from desktop using the Facebook platform, but not everyone may have the feature available. However, there’s a lot of third-party software you can use that will help you stream your Facebook Lives off a desktop. One of them is OBS, Open Broadcaster Software. This is what I use quite a bit simply because it is FREE! But also it has a ton of great features too.

Note: OBS has a steep learning curve in the beginning especially when it comes to it’s really cool production like features. If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the features of the platform and make your Facebook Live videos look like professional productions then check out this awesome training!

Step 1

Go to your main Facebook fan page or business page.

Step 2

Within the URL, locate the word ‘business’.

Step 3

Replace the word ‘business’, with ‘m’. Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Step 4

You are now on the mobile version of your Facebook page. Locate the video that you want to upload to YouTube under the “Videos” section.

Step 5

Click to play the video first, then pause it. Right click, and then go to ‘save video as’.

Step 6

Rename the video what ever you want and then click save.

Note: I have noticed that you MUST rename the video. If you don’t, you may get an error that says “failed network error” while downloading the video. Took me FOREVER to figure this one out so hopefully you don’t have to suffer as well! 🙂

Step 7

Once saved, go to your YouTube page, and upload your video.

That’s pretty much it from there. Hopefully that was helpful for you and your business! Now uploading your videos from Facebook Live to YouTube should be a snap!


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