3 Basic Yet Proven Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Website

Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? In this post and video, I will share with you the three different types of website traffic that you can use to generate more leads and sales in your business.

What Does Traffic to Your Website Mean?

What is traffic? Traffic is the people coming to your website to see your product or service. Let’s say you have a product, service or business opportunity. Your goal is to get more eyes on it. You want as many people as possible seeing your offers, which would eventually lead to more leads, and ultimately more sales. Your content is exactly the same. If you have produced some piece of content such as a blog post, the goal of that content is to generate more leads.

Maybe you have a capture page that you designed to gather information from potential customers, in exchange for a valuable piece of information that would help your customer.  All of these are awesome ways to engage your audience and generate leads. But they are useless to you if you have no traffic to your website and no one sees them. You need people coming to your website to see your content. You need a steady flow of traffic so your content has a chance to generate leads for you.




Content is King…But Distribution is Queen

For example, lets say you were opening a restaurant. You have all this awesome food, amazing service, and great atmosphere. How awesome would your restaurant really be if no customers ever came? Could people enjoy your amazing cuisines if they never know about it? More importantly, how long would you be in business if you have no traffic and no customers dining in regularly?

This was a realization I came to for myself at a certain point. I was creating tons of great content for my audience and sharing tons of value. But no one was seeing it. I neglected to invite people effectively to “dine” in at my business! Now I understand the marketing mantra: Content is king, but distribution is queen!

traffic to your website


Question: How to Get More Traffic to My Website?

There’s three different types of traffic. Depending on where you are in your business, what your goals are, you may use all of them or just one of them. Here’s how I like to divide them up.

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Direct Traffic

The first type is called direct traffic. Direct traffic is traffic to your website that you get from social media. The age we live in now is awesome because in the past, this type of traffic wasn’t available. You didn’t have the ability to build an audience and create an influence on social media that you could share information with. As a result you can then send your audience directly to your website from a social media platform or directly to your capture page, your blog post, or whatever content that you’re promoting.

For example, this could be a Facebook post that goes to your blog, or a YouTube video that goes to your blog. Any post, tweet, share, video, etc. that will take them directly from social media to your content.

Advantages of Direct Traffic

The advantages of direct traffic to your website is that it’s quick. You can immediately get traffic that will go to that content and start generating leads. In addition, it’s a very quick way to start making money in your business by getting eyes on your offers and making more sales. This strategy is great for the person who either has time or no time, and they have no money and they need to make money right now. This would be the best strategy because it’s a free source of website traffic and it just requires a little bit of time.

Disadvantages of Direct Traffic

The disadvantage of direct traffic to your website is that it doesn’t have a lot of leverage and is more of a short-term strategy. In order to continue generating leads you have to continue posting on social media. You could continue posting on social media to get your website traffic but there is no leverage because you have to continue to post or your leads stop. Also, relying on the traffic from social media platforms can be a dangerous game.

Let’s say that social media platform shuts you down, you lose your profile, or that social media platform goes away. What happens to your website traffic? It dies along with it! Furthermore, once you make that post, after awhile nobody will see that post as it is lost in your profile.

Paid Traffic

The second type of traffic is paid traffic. Paid traffic is traffic to your website generated by advertisements. This can be Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, and any type of traffic that you can pay for that will start to get an audience that will be flowing to your content. This is most likely for the person who has some money and has either time or no time, and wants to make more money now. Also the paid traffic strategy, could be for the person who’s looking to scale up their business.

Advantages of Paid Traffic

The advantages of paid traffic to your website is the ability to scale this type of traffic: the more money you spend, more traffic you get, the more eyeballs you get on your content, the more conversions you’re most likely to have, the more leads, and the more possible sales.

Disadvantages of Paid Traffic

Now, the disadvantage is that… well, it cost money! If you don’t continue to spend money to get that traffic, what happens? You lose that traffic. It’s a pay to play setup. Paid traffic to your website requires a constant flow of investment to get the investment return back. It can be lucrative though, especially when you fine tune your advertising and funnel process to get more money out than you put in! See the link below for a FREE Facebook Ad training course!

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Organic Traffic

What is the best type of traffic in my opinion? The traffic that gives the biggest long term advantage? Organic traffic, the third type.

What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is the type of website traffic that comes from people naturally searching or organically searching for content that’s related to what you’ve provided via search engines. For example, Google is a search engine. People go to Google to find answers to their problems. Someone may search for information on how to do a video for example. In the search results, they find your blog or video content that’s related to how to do a video. They click on that blog post, video, capture page, and begin to consume your valuable information. This person loves your information and maybe they want more. They find your lead magnet, optin to your free give away, and then become a lead.

Advantages of Organic Traffic

The beauty about this form of website traffic is this it is typically almost free. You’re providing great content that the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. want to give to their customers searching for answers.

Remember that a search engine is a website that searches for and identifies items in a database that fit keywords or phrases specified by the user. Pinterest is also considered to be a search engine, because you have a search function. If your content serves the answer to the users problem and serves the community then Google rewards your content by putting it on the first page of its search results.

Here’s the thing to remember: people are constantly searching for the answers to their problems all the time. Google is a trusted source for information for most people. If you can get your content on Google by writing really great content that serves the community, and Google recognizes that, you will have a steady flow of traffic to your website that is forever. It will always be there as long as it serves the community and as long as Google is around. I get the feeling Google is going to be around for a while!

There are some upfront and maintenance costs to maintain this SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, but nothing like you’d be paying for paid ads.

Disadvantages of Organic Traffic

The disadvantage is that it really appeals to people who have some money and have some time. They want to make money, but they don’t need to make money now. They’re thinking more long term. If that’s the case, this is the ultimate strategy. This is the ultimate strategy because it provides the most leverage and the most bang for your buck for your time, long term.

That’s it! Those are the three types of website traffic that you can use to help you get more eyeballs on your content and offers, and make more sales!

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