The Lost Art of How to Be Responsible

Have you reached the highest level of maturity? Watch this Short Video on The Lost Art of How to Be Responsible. Time to bring accountability back into style!


Jim Rohn describes responsibility as the willingness to be accountable and put yourself on the line. I call responsibility the lost art because it seems rare among the masses today.

So many feel the need to blame everyone and everything for their troubles. I guess it’s easier to blame the economy, the government, our spouses, our bosses, our team mates, our upline, our downline…everyone for our troubles.

But when does the blaming stop? When does the excuses cease? When do we look in the mirror and decide to become the end all be all for everything in our lives?

How to Be Responsible in Life

I love these 3 stages of responsibility by Jim Rohn because they describe the progression of thinking a person should have through life. They are a guide of how to be responsible regardless of what stage of life you are in. These are also the 3 stages of maturity. It is said that responsibility is the highest form of maturity.

The 3 stages are:

  1. Baby – “I am totally dependent on you”
  2. Adolescent – “I want to be independent of you”
  3. Adult – “You can depend on me”

Watch the short video to get my whole take. Enjoy!


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2 Replies to “The Lost Art of How to Be Responsible”

  1. It is creative of you to put out the ‘If you want to work on a side project’ – it would help you if you identify your activities, and your skills – you will get more responses. Your video is very professional – I suggest you have a more neutral background… you can get a white screen or board for your background..just a large cardboard for instance. Keep on going, good luck, Julie Wu Finkelstein, Innovative Alliances: Collaborating for Prosperity

  2. Wow! Thanks Julie for all that amazing feedback! I am actually in the process of adding an “About Me” page which will highlight my specialties and skills to address that very concern. I shoot my videos in my kitchen because I love the great natural light I get from outside lol. I will consider the neutral background in the future but I am more concerned with putting out great content for my fans right now. But I absolutely appreciate you taking the time to provide great feedback and support!

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