My Story

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Born and raised in Houston TX, I am the oldest of 5 in a Nigerian household. Anyone who is familiar with African families knows they don’t play and everyone must go to some graduate program otherwise you are disowned!

Ok, well not exactly but it sure can feel that way.

So all I knew to be a somebody was to go to school, work really hard, and press forward. So I did.

I graduated from University of Houston with my bachelors in Biology and went across the street to Texas Southern University where I studied for 4 years to acquire my PharmD from the College of Pharmacy.

Working as a clinical pharmacist gave me the feeling that I could impact one person’s life no matter how small. It gave me a feeling of confidence and satisfaction that I mattered.
Because really deep down, what I really wanted was to be acknowledged…

But that schooling also gave me a lot of school loan debt. I didn’t quite understand the impact of this debt until after I started working. I’ll explain in a sec…

Of course, I had a plan to pay it all off with my pharmacist wages but …well life happened.

While in school I met my guardian angel that is my wife and had 2 beautiful sons. We bought a lovely home. So all of a sudden the expenses category went through the roof and my payoff plan was out the door!

Funny how life tends to reach your income level no matter what level you are.

My life changed one day when I decided to listen to the audio book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

My mind was transformed and opened to a whole new reality that I never knew existed up until that point…the world of entrepreneurship.

I ventured through many opportunities including real estate, day trading, and many other “brilliant” business ideas. They all fell short for me. I was then exposed to the business model of Network Marketing by a previous pharmacy colleague. I was blown away by its simplicity and genius.

Of course that too I failed at initially.

After consulting with a coach/mentor and now a good friend, I realized that my reason for failure for all my business ventures was not the idea itself…but me! My mind was in a state of lack, jealousy, and frustration. So my reality reflected the same things.

Yes… I do believe strongly that your inner world reflects your outer world and you attract to yourself who you are on the inside.

After reading several books, and really working on me, my business life resuscitated!

(Interestingly…ALL aspects of my life improved as well!)

I realized the true definition of entrepreneurship…solving a problem bigger than yourself in service to others and doing whatever it takes for however long it takes.

I now have a growing business with multiple income streams.

I have enjoyed impacting the lives of home business entrepreneurs looking to increase leads, traffic, and sales in their business.

I have enjoyed working with people who tire of the typical work, sleep, eat routine and want to start now to plant a seed of abundance for themselves and their families. People who believe there has to be a better way. People who dare to imagine that they can accomplish and live their dreams.

Do you still believe in dreaming?

Let me know what I can do to help you!

And let it be known right now…I ACKNOWLEDGE YOU. YOU MATTER! I BELIEVE IN YOU!


My Personal Vision Statement

I Chris Njigha have set my vision to be the following: To discover and unleash the special purpose God has called me to be.
I am a whole hearted believer of God and his love for us.
I will wake everyday giving thanks and gratitude for all his blessings no matter my troubles.
I will strive towards freedom spiritually, physically, financially, and every aspect of life it can be granted.
I intend to be mindfully awake in my life. For as long as my thoughts are in the present moment and focused on my primary goal in life, God will always guide me perfectly.
I will continue to grow lifelong in love, peace, and harmony as a father and husband in all my undertakings.
I will focus my thoughts and deeds on being a person of love, compassion, and patience. In this way I can not only be the best person God has called me to be but also influence my children to be soldiers of God and independent thinkers.
I believe that it is my duty to pursue happiness and peace in my life through service to others.
I will strive to be of positive influence in my community, to support and inspire the youth, to be a glowing example of life’s treasures and wonders to our children and the next generation.
I will be definite in my actions. All work and actions I take will be influenced by a successful, abundant, and giving mindset. Therefore I will always have a spirit of ethical and moral code in my service to others.
Overall, my goal is to courageously let the light of God shine from within me and thus inspire others to let their lights shine as well.