How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product or Service

Struggling with getting potential customers to buy your product or service from your company?

In this post and video, I will share with you 2 fundamental tips that can help bring in more people ready and willing to buy from you.

So the question is how to get customers to buy your product or service. Basically, how to get more people wanting what you have, and stuff that you got whether its your product, service, or opportunity. How do you get more people asking, begging, and wanting what you have?

The answer comes down to providing a solution though content that solves your customers problems, which builds you as a trusted resource and then scaling this solution for more people to see.

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How to get customers to buy your product or service

The first thing to understand is people will search for an answer to their problems. Your job is to provide them a solution. We’re constantly having problems and what do we do? We Google it, right? Why? Because we’re searching for answers.

So, people only care about the answers to their problems…to their burning desires… their burning pains… the things that give them the most grief. That’s what people care about. That’s what they want to get solved.

If you become the problem solver, and provide a solution to their problems, you will find that people will want more of what you have. It’s a very simple formula when you think about it.

If people have a problem, you find out what this problem is, and you provide a solution. Maybe your product, or service, or business, can solve their problem. You then need to provide a solution that clearly shows benefits to them and relieves the pain of their problems.

Do this by clearly explaining what their problem is. If people feel you understand the depths of their problem, they will trust you more and are more primed to buy from you.

Secondly, clearly describe the benefits of the product or service. What can your customer expect to see as a noticeable difference in their lives? What results might they expect?

Are you a consumer or producer?

Here’s the thing we sometimes forget. We as people are very selfish. It’s true! We’re only concerned about whose problems? This guy. (pointing to self).

We’re in our head 24/7  thinking about our problems, our issues, those challenges, and everything we got going on.

That’s the difference between the producer and the consumer mindset. The consumer is constantly thinking about their problems. How can this help me? What can that do to help me? I need to solve my problems. Me, me, me, me.

You, as a producer, must get out of that mindset of thinking about me, me, me, and start thinking about them, them, them. How can I help them solve their problems? How can I help them solve their needs?

Your ability to learn how to get customers to buy your product or service rests on your ability to serve the consumers selfish desires.

How do you know if you have a consumer or producer mindset? If you ask yourself this question “How can I get more people to want my stuff? How can I get more people to buy my stuff?”, then you are thinking like a consumer.

Where those questions come from is from a selfish mindset. From a selfish perspective. Yeah, this may hurt, but trust me, this helped me when I finally learned it so I know it will help you!

Those questions came from a selfish desire and a selfish mindset. Because I was thinking about how can I make more money? How can I get more customers, more sales, make more money, make more money, make more money?

How can I get more people to buy from me? I’m thinking about who? Me, me, me.

I’m not thinking about my customer. I’m not thinking about what the other person is thinking about. I’m in the consumer mindset. I want to solve me, me, me problems.

The truth behind how to get customers to buy your product or service

The truth is that understanding how to get customers to buy your product or service, and making more leads and sales in your business, will involve getting away from the consumer me, me, me mindset, and getting into the producer mindset. Solve all of their problems, all of their needs, and all of their desires. Be the solution for them they’ve been searching for.

When you stop chasing the money, and you start chasing the vision, chasing the need, chasing the desires, money will come and sit right next to you and you won’t even notice when it happens. Stop chasing the money.

Chase the need, chase the desires, because here’s the thing, people love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to. If you’re telling them all about what your business, product, or service is, you’re selling. It does this, it does that, it does this. You’re selling, you’re not converting. Trust me, you’re not.

Tell your customers what this can do to benefit them, not the features of what it is.

How to get customers to buy

What do your customers want to buy?

Remember that you want to provide benefits. The benefits of your product or service so that people can see if it will help them.

And how do you do this? You go to your target market and find out what they want and desire.

You can do this by polling people and asking questions from people you know that fit your market. You could say “Hey, what’s your biggest problem? What’s the thing that’s giving you the most grief? What are your biggest challenges?”

Go out there, research those problems you discover, find information, and provide that information as a solution, in the form of a blog post, video, social media post, etc.

For example, this blog post is providing answers and valuable information to a question, how do I get more people to want my stuff, right? You can do this very easily.

You can do social media posts like testimonials about what other people have found valuable with your product or service. You can post results that customers have had.

See, all these things are examples of valuable content. Why? Because they provide a solution to a problem.

For example, a real estate agent could provide information on how to get loans, and how to get pre-approved if you have bad credit. If someone wants to buy a home, is a first time home buyer, is confused on the home buying process, and are worried about having bad credit, would that information be helpful or valuable? YES!

First of all that agent is going to generate tons of leads because they’re providing a solution to a very graving problem. Secondly, the likelihood of that agent being the one to sell that person a house is very high because trust has been built. The agent is trusted as a reliable source and will win the customers business.

Scale to get more customers to buy your product or service

Number 2. Once you’ve found a solution to a problem that works, its time to scale. You know it works, because you’ve talked to people in your target market and it has been a valuable benefit. Scaling means you want more people to see your solution to a problem and get value from it as well. If it worked on a few, it’s going to work on many.

Of course, not everybody is going to want what you have. But you know that the people who ARE looking, when they see your stuff, there is a good chance they will convert. They’re going to be like “Oh yeah, this clearly is solving my problem.” Once you solve their problem, they’re more likely to move forward and buy.

Because you already know your solution will attract the right people, the next step is get more faces and more eyes on your stuff to convert more prospects.

And how do you do that? Traffic and marketing.

Marketing can include:

  1. Organic search – using the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc)
  2. Paid traffic – Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, etc.
  3. Direct Traffic – This is social media traffic you get from posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

From there, you continue to scale and improve conversions by making it better. You can also create new content that solves more problems and more needs and gives more answers and solutions. Then it’s just this continuous cycle of solving problems, getting traffic, getting leads and making sales, right? It’s awesome!

Solving people’s problems and making money at the same time. Wow, sounds good to me!

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That’s it, guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time. Be blessed and stay hungry out there. Bye now.

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