How to Generate 10-30 Leads Per Day for Free Using the Card Grab Strategy

Watch this short video on How to Generate 10-30 Leads Per Day for Free Using the Card Grab Strategy. Generate leads for your business in the places most people are not thinking about!


Regardless of what business you are in, your business is reliant on one very important thing: customers. Either customers or prospects for new business partners depending on your business model. For home business entrepreneurs in the network marketing niche specifically its very important. To get new customers and business partners, you need to be able to generate leads, or potential prospects who may be in need of your product or service. Simple.

So today’s article is on one good way to get leads for your business. I prefer taking advantage of FREE ways to get leads…because well they’re free! But free sometimes means putting in a little more go-getter type of action. Here’s one way to generate 10-30 leads per day for FREE that won’t take up a lot of time. Its called the card grab strategy.

Why Generate Leads?

Before we get into how to generate leads for network marketing or any business, it’s probably fair to emphasize that while network marketing is a great industry, it requires work. You can make a lot of money, but it requires work. The work is mostly in connecting with people and finding out if they have a need for your product or service. Much like any business, you must connect with your potential customers to find their needs. That is the mark of a truly successful entrepreneur: one who understands the needs of their audience and serves that need…makes sense right?! So don’t think you can get out of talking to people, no business has ever been successful without talking to people…last I checked!

The Most Powerful Tool in Business

How do you connect with your customers? Best tool to do that is with the telephone! I think its Grant Cardone who said that the telephone is the ultimate business building tool not a play thing. People may be texting a lot now but talking with your potential customers and prospects on the phone is hands down how you make money in this business. And you’re in business to make money right? Remember getting leads is only so that you have people to actually talk to about your business. You must talk to them!

Card Grab Technique

  • What: The card grab technique can produce 10-30 leads per day for your business.
  • Where: Anyplace in your area that has a cork board. Consider mapping out these locations first before you go out and work. Coffee shops tend to be good spots!
  • When: Anytime during the day that you can schedule and stay consistent with.
  • How does it work: Simply look for places in your area that have cork boards where people place their business cards or advertise. Go there and grab them, or take a picture of them with your phone if its easier. Then call them and say something like ”
    • “Hi, you know not sure where I found your card. It was on my desk but you know I was just curious, if the money was good and didn’t interfere with your current schedule, would you be open to a side project?”
  • Why: If you think about it, people who leave their business cards there are hungry! They are serious about their business and motivated to make money in their business. Sounds like the kind of people you want to partner with!

Watch this short video to get my full take on this lead generating strategy.

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