How to Find MLM Leaders Who Will Run With You to the Top

Are you wondering just how to find those MLM leaders who will run with you to the top of your company and never quit?

In this post and video, I will share with you a great network marketing tip to help you find those gems who will become your MLM leaders and impact so many lives on the way to the top.

So the question is how to find MLM leaders who will run with you to the top of your company. Serious business builders, right?

I’ve heard this question. I’ve seen this question quite a few times. I even asked this question myself as well. After building your team a certain size, at a point you will realize that not every person you recruit will do anything. It used to shock me that someone would pay money to get started in an opportunity that was amazing but would many times do nothing. Nothing at all! Crazy right?!

Who would spend money on something and not even try? Well apparently quite a few would. Many times, you may even recruit someone you wish you never did. Their attitude was so bad and mindset so poor, it just wasn’t worth the trouble.

So one of my mentors shared with me an answer that made so much sense that it has stuck with me. I felt like I should share this, because this may be helpful to you.


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Who Is An MLM Leader?

An MLM leader is someone who is seriously focused on creating a team of leaders. An MLM leader has the burning fire to continue getting better and better at the skills to inspire, motivate, prospect, recruit, and develop people in their organization. These skills they pass on to their team mates so they too can go on to impact the lives of others in a tremendous way. An MLM leader is willing to do whatever it takes for however long it takes and will run to the very top taking as many people along the way as possible.

The Secret to Finding MLM Leaders

The secret to finding MLM leaders… leaders, serious business builders, is really through the numbers. The numbers.

What do you mean? It’s all math. Yup, that’s right. Very simple math.

When you really break it down, there’s two ways your going to find prospects. It’s going to be through active prospecting or through marketing.

Active Prospecting to Find MLM Leaders

If you’re prospecting, that means you’re reaching out to people. Reaching out to people, saying, “Hey, are you open? Are you open? Would you like to take a look? Are you open to new revenue streams?” Whatever question you like to use.

The thing about that, the advantage is that you can control that. You can control how many people you decide to reach out to at any given time. You can reach out to 10, 20, 30, 40 people. It’s controllable.

The disadvantage is that you can’t scale it to like a super crazy number. Because you’re only one man or woman, and you can only talk to so many people in a 24 hour period.

Marketing to Find MLM Leaders

Then you have marketing. Marketing, on the other hand, is when you’re putting some information, some content, whether it’s a blog post, or a video, or a social media post, and people are then reaching out to you for more information.

This is essentially the act of generating leads. Now the disadvantage is that it’s not controllable. Unlike prospecting, you’re not going to be able to control how many leads you get flowing in, at least not in the beginning. It just depends on how good your stuff is, where it’s at, and all kinds of factors. Not controllable.

But advantage is it is scaleable. You can scale it up to a crazy amount of numbers of people who are reaching out to you. It’s got leverage.

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Go Through the Numbers

Now both of them are good. But it all falls down to one principle: the math, the numbers. Recruiting the right people is all about going through the numbers.


The fact is that there is simply no way to know who’s going to be a serious MLM leader, who’s going to be a serious builder. You don’t know. You can look at three people and say, “Eh, they may not do anything.” All three could be the most serious people.

You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives. You don’t know what motivates them. You don’t know what inspires them. You don’t know what can trigger in someone’s mind and have them go on mega beast mode. Right? You don’t know. The person who looks like they could be a serious builder doesn’t do anything. The one you skip over is the one that rises through the ashes.

It’s like football. In the NFL draft, dozens of quarterbacks can be taken first because they look the part. Tall, great build, and strong arm. Yet years later they are all busts, sitting on the backup bench or out of the league.

But the one guy no one thought had the “it” factor is the one setting records years later. Would you believe me if I said Tom Brady, 5x Super Bowl Champion, arguably the greatest quarterback who has ever lived, was drafted No 199 in Round 6, the last round of his NFL draft?!

So you don’t know. In the case of Network Marketing, it’s all about going through the numbers, the math.

If you think about it, you then realize that all you have to do is just talk to more people, reach out to more people, show more people the presentation. Let me give you a great example.

MLM Leaders Case Study: Bill Britt

I read this article from some friends of mine, where they talked about a network marketer who was very successful back in the day. His name was Bill Britt. He was a very successful network marketer. He made millions. He talked about how he did it: strictly going through the numbers.

This is what Bill Brett did. He said that he basically talked to 1,200 people. 1,200 people he talked to and showed the presentation to. That’s not a typo by the way. He showed the plan to 1,200 people.

Out of 1,200 people, 900 said no, and only 300 people actually said yes and signed up.

Out of 300 people who signed up, only 85 ever did anything. 85 did something. The rest did nothing.

Out of 85, only 35 were serious. That’s it. Only 35 were actually serious and would actually go and build seriously.

Now out of the 35 who were so serious, only 11 of them made him a millionaire.

Only 11 folks! That’s 11 people who ran with him to the top out of 1,200 people.

Now if you do the math, that actually equals to for every 110 people he talked to, he found 1 true MLM leader. 110 people. He had to talk to 110 to find one true leader.mlm leaders

1,200 people, 11 true MLM leaders. If you do the math, in a whole year that works out to be: Take 1,200 people and divide that by 365 days in the year, that equals 3.2 people per day. 3 people per day.

If you round it up, folks, that’s about 4 people per day, right? Four!

That means if you talk to and show the presentation to 4 people per day for a whole year you would hit 1,200, which could potentially give you about 11 people who would actually run with you and take you to the top.

Now keep in mind, that these numbers are his numbers. His numbers take into account his closing percentage and other factors. So this may not apply to you exactly. But what we know is if you do anything 1200 times, you WILL get pretty good at it!

The Painful Truth

This has never been a secret.  My mentor told me this. I’ve heard this. It’s never been a secret, folks. I feel this is a network marketing training topic that is forgotten sometimes. It’s all about the numbers. It’s all about the numbers. You just need to talk to more people, reach out to more people, show more people the presentation.

There’s a lot of factors that will play into who will be serious, and some may not even watch the presentation which means the number of people you would have to reach out to is likely considerably larger. When you take into account the whole thing, it’s just about the numbers. It’s statistics. It’s just the way it is. Right? It’s just the way it is. Jim Rohn for ya!

If you look at email open rates and other customer, people driven factors, the numbers are not usually that big. This means you have to go big with your numbers. You have to talk to more people, reach out to more people. It’s not a secret, folks. That’s it. If you’re hoping for another secret, there isn’t one. That’s it. You just got to reach out and talk to more people. That’s the name of the game.

If that sucked, well at least now you know. At least now you know why you can’t just talk to 10 people. When they all tell you “no”, maybe you start feeling a certain way. I think it’s good that you know this and that we all know this.

I wish I knew this about the numbers in the beginning. It’s good because your expectations are set a certain way. This is good for new people who get started. So if they ask you how to be a successful MLM networker, you let them know. “Hey, your numbers are not good. You need to talk to a lot of people.”

So that when they talk to 10 people, they don’t get super down, “Some people told me no.” It’s the way it is. It’s numbers.

I hope that made sense. The beauty of it all is that you can use the same exact math to determine where you want to go in your company. Based on your rank goals, and the level of your company, you can determine how many people you need to talk to, and how many leaders you need to develop and build. Help them do the same thing you did and you can reach your goals. Right? Zig Ziglar. Help enough people get what they want, you’re going to automatically get what you want.

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That’s it, guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time. Be blessed and stay hungry out there. Bye now.


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