How to Use Cultural Movement Marketing in Your Network Marketing Business

Need to motivate and inspire your network marketing team to stick around but not be pushy? In this video and post I will share with you the power of cultural movement marketing to move any group of people to massive action!

Cultural Movement Marketing Definition

A cultural movement by definition is a change in the way a number of disciplines approach their work. When talking about cultural movement marketing, this is more like a change in the way people approach their lives around them. Cultural movements are the art of inspiring people to get passionate about a topic or issue that concerns them and take an active and vocal position about it. Our society has become an era of speaking out for or against something with tons of passion. This Huffington post article talks about it more in-depth.




Why Do Cultural Movements Work in Network Marketing?

In the case of building your network marketing business, having a culture in your organization means having something that is a vision, a dream, or some type of emphatic cry that revolves around your product, service or business. What I have discovered from many of the successful in the industry is this culture is what helps people sticking around longer and staying active.

Remember that people join movements. They don’t join companies. People join to have a feeling. People love to be part of a bigger cause and feel empowered as a community to take on challenges of any sort.

When you have a central mission or central cause that people are focused on, they feel more motivated. People feel more part of the team and thus feel more inspired to take action. It’s extremely powerful. If you think about it, consider the fact that a lot of corporations use this technique. Have you ever worked at a place where they didn’t have a mission and vision statement for the entire organization? Probably not. If you did, that organization’s probably not going to make it or is already gone. Why? Once again, people join movements.

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Cultural Movement Marketing in Network Marketing

So how can you utilize this powerful technique to motivate and inspire people, and apply it into your business? Let’s talk about that.

Once again, people can’t help to join movements. They join a culture. People join something bigger than themselves. They’ll join for the money initially, but the reason people stay, the stickablity that keeps people sticking around in your organization and on your team, is because of that movement.

Step 1: What do you want to do?

First,  ask yourself, “What do I want to do?” In other words, what would be your movement? For example, it could be you want to…

  1. Help 1,000 single moms make extra money working from home.
  2. Help 1,000 senior citizens become healthier, get better retirement financials and travel more.
  3. Help students with school loans, like me! I have pesky school loans and plenty of other younger professionals do too! Maybe you want to impact their lives and free them from debt.
  4. Help 1,000 community members in your community to be healthier, be fit, travel more.
  5. Help tens of thousands of people in a certain number of years to achieve a certain result with your product or service.

Whatever it is, become clear and outline what you want to do.

Step 2: Back door your business goal into your movement

So for example, let’s say I have a business that is focused on providing health and wellness products. My mission or cultural movement can be I want to help 1,000 middle-aged women or older to become healthier. Specifically, I want to help 1,000 women become healthier in the next four or five years. 1,000 women in five years. I can set this as my mission because it is congruent with my business end goal.

Step 3: Name your cultural movement

Once you have decided on your primary mission, give it a name. Name it something that is a central theme so that people who hear that name will say “Oh yeah, I know exactly what that is, and I’m part of that movement.”

This is powerful because now this movement is part of your brand and what you stand for. People will not only be attracted to you as a person, but also attracted to your movement and community as well. Your company will come on the back-end and will likely be effortless to have them join. It’s extremely powerful!

This concept allows people to stick around longer, stay active, empower people to feel like they are part of something grand. I’ve heard Eric Worre talk about this as well. While speaking to a prospect, he shares his vision and his mission with them.

He would say something like, “Could you imagine what you and I could do? What we could be? Where we could go, and the things we could do if we just stick to it? If we just take a chance?” What he’s doing, is he is eliciting that emotion of being a part of a large movement, and contributing to something bigger than ourselves. If the best in the world use it in their network marketing organizations, then you definitely want to take advantage of that!


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