7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You

Are your busting out in your life right now? Watch this Short Video as I share 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You. Life is like a game of Blackjack!

Some of you may not know it, but I am a huge blackjack fan. I just love the game. I think it’s so much fun. Am I like an MIT card counting machine on the tables? Um…no. Card counting is too stressful for me to be honest! So I learned how to win at blackjack without counting cards, and I still love the game. It’s the perfect combination of sheer joy and exuberation with a pinch of adrenaline and vigor! Some may say that the exact concentration of those emotions might be a little different but regardless you get it all right?!

I wouldn’t consider myself a major gambler. But I do believe that it is a form of entertainment, similarly to paying money to go to a concert, or cruise, or for those expensive golf clubs, or that designer purse. It’s ok to spend on what makes you happy just as long there is a limit. Great thing about blackjack, it’s one of the few forms of entertainment that can actually pay you back…if you know what you’re doing of course.

Lessons of Life…Blackjack Style!

I’ve played blackjack for some years now and have found that the game has many similarities to how you play your life. There are so many lessons of life hidden in the game. How you live your life and treat yourself and others can be paralleled on the tables. So here are my 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You!

1. Enjoy the Game – Don’t be so serious!

I always think its funny when I see someone who is obviously an amateur in the game, come to the table and have this really serious look on their face. It’s almost as if their very existence rests on this one hand and they have to win or all will be lost in the universe! That’s no bueno. The game is well…a game folks! It means you should enjoy the game. It’s supposed to be fun. Why so serious??!

Many times they are concerned with not losing their money. They don’t want to lose. What happens when you focus on not losing your money? You lose your money. So much like blackjack, your should enjoy your life. You should be having fun and enjoying the process. Lesson of life: Don’t take life so seriously or otherwise you probably miss out on the joy of the process and the adventure. Focus on what you want and you’ll eventually get what you want.

2. Expect the Highs and Lows

Blackjack is a game of highs and lows. You will have times when its going great. Everybody on the table is getting blackjacks and dealer is busting out and life is grand. Then you will have times when dealer is whipping out 21’s nearly every other hand and the table is getting slaughtered. Folks that’s just the way it is. No use complaining about it. If you come into the game with this understanding, it saves you so much anguish and misery.

Life is the same. Life will deal you good hands and bad hands. You can expect great times and super crappy times. It’s just the way it is. In the end of the day, these events happen to all of us, but the ones who make the most of their bad hands are the ones who really win.

3. Come With a Large Bankroll

This is probably one of the biggest rookie mistakes people make. Coming to the tables with $50 or $100 is basically handing your money over to the dealer! Why? Well because of the highs and lows we talked about earlier. You simply won’t survive the lows long enough to enjoy the highs if you come with too little money to play with. Honestly depending on your strategy, you will need a couple 100 to a thousand to really play. Learning how to bet blackjack can also influence the amount needed.

Life is the same. You need to invest in yourself constantly to build the skills and knowledge to handle the rough times. Challenges will present themselves. But if you have the skills and experience to endure the low times, what used to feel like a big problem will be no problem at all as you are a bigger person over those challenges. One of the biggest lessons of life you can learn!

4. Play to Help Others. Put the Table First Over Yourself.

One of the biggest challenges of playing with rookies is the fact that more often than not they play with a selfish mindset. The biggest thing to remember is that it is not you vs the dealer. It is actually the table vs the dealer. Basically you and the other players you are playing with against the dealer. If the table wins than the dealer loses. This means you must play your hands the way you should so that the table can thrive. When you hold on 15s or 16s, you are putting yourself first at the detriment of the table. (Unless you always hold on 16)

Similarly in life, focus on helping others and putting your team first has always been and will continue to be the formula for long-term success. The magic is that if you help everyone get what they want, you will indirectly be getting everything you want. Significance in life is achieved through the empowerment of others.

5. Play to Win, Not to Lose

There is a difference in the player who is confident and comes to the tables with an attitude of ‘I’m a winner’ vs someone who comes with the attitude ‘I just don’t want to lose my money’. The winning attitude will split 8’s and Aces when they should and double down when they show 11. The fearful attitude will not do those things and will ultimately lose everything and walk away from the table with empty pockets blaming the game for their misfortune. Know your basic strategy chart for blackjack and perform regardless of how scared you may be.

Many times our life is very much the same. When you walk around with an attitude of mediocrity and just getting by, you perform at a fraction of your potential. With fear holding you back, how can you truly be free to win? Lesson of life: Don’t be afraid to double down and take a chance when the opportunity presents itself in your life. You know what they say, “scared money don’t make money”.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Walk Away From the Table

I have many times been on tables where people were very negative. Negative as in constantly complaining on the dealer, complaining about busting out, blaming everyone and everybody for their losses, and justifying their terrible play. I have a rule: I never expose myself to negative energy. That kind of environment is not conducive to winning. It brings the morale of the table down and allows the dealer to go on a killing rampage, slaughtering the entire table relentlessly! I immediately, pick up my chips and I walk away.

Folks, that’s very similar to life in general. There will always be complainers, blamers, and justifyers around you, who want to find someone to share their misery with. You want to stay away from them as far as possible! Their negative vibe is contagious and can infect you if you stick around. Lesson of life: Don’t be afraid to pick up your chips and move away from negative people and towards people who are more supportive of your goals and dreams. Winners hang around winners. That’s just a fact! Lessons of life you can learn the easy or hard way!

7. Be Grateful for Every Win

Some players who have been playing too long and are jaded by the game may say that small wins or no good or they hate when they push with the dealer. Folks, my philosophy is as long as the dealer doesn’t take my money that hand, that was a win! I survive, and get chance to play another hand. Even if it’s a small bet that I won, I celebrate it massively and take pleasure in congratulating anyone else who has won their hand. I say to myself, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a money magnet! I am open, ready, and willing to receive all my blessings and winnings no matter the amount!

The fact is that gratitude is the single greatest gift I learned in my life. Gratitude, even for the smallest of wins, allowed me to realize how blessed I am in many areas of my life. Because how can you expect good things to happen in your life, if you don’t even appreciate the good things you already have?

Hope you enjoyed these 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You. Check out the video here.


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