5 Things Every New Home Business Entrepreneur Should Know

Are you on the right track with your business? Watch this Short Video as I share 5 Things Every New Home Business Entrepreneur Should Know. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all your self” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

When you become a part of this amazing profession of network marketing, you are fresh and new. You are excited and ready to change many lives while impacting your own. You are a budding entrepreneur ready to build a successful home business empire.

But there are some things that they don’t tell you in the beginning. Things that if you’re not careful, can crumble your entire empire even before a single brick has been laid! Through my experience, I learned these things. Hopefully they will help you shave some learning curve time!

Home Business Entrepreneur Daily Goals

You are a network marketing professional. If you truly embrace this industry and your business, you consider yourself a professional. Your business is to network and market. But it seems like most network marketers only do the first one though. They network but fail to market. Maybe because most network marketing companies only teach the first half of the equation. Great as meeting new people and connecting, but poor in marketing to attract qualified leads to our business.

As a network marketer running your own home based business, there are 2 income producing activities (IPA) you should focus on daily:

  1. Actively prospecting or networking
  2. Passively marketing

What Does a Home Business Entrepreneur Need to Know About Marketing?

What do I mean by marketing? That doesn’t mean spamming your goods and services all over social media, hoping someone will want what you have randomly. It means true marketing. Here are the 5 things every new home business entrepreneur should know. Watch the quick video to get my full discussion. Enjoy!

  1. Your network marketing company is not YOUR company.
  2. Your network marketing company is not YOUR brand.
  3. Your network marketing company doesn’t pay for advertising.
  4. Your network marketing company teaches networking skills only.
  5. Your network marketing company is not teaching REAL marketing.




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