3 Keys to Create a Breakthrough in Life

Watch this Short Video on 3 Keys to Create a Breakthrough in Life. A single moment in time when everything changes for you!

Sharing more notes from my recent conference with Tony Robbins. What is a breakthrough? A break through is a moment in time. An instance. A single moment in time when everything changes for you. When the impossible becomes possible.

An instance that triggers in your mind when you say this is it. This is bulls**t and I have had it! I will not tolerate this or endure this any longer. I will make this happen!

Breakthroughs are powerful not only in your personal life but also in business. Business leaders create breakthroughs – Tony Robbins

3 Keys to a breakthrough in life in order of least important to most important

  1. Strategy – Find someone, something that will give you a new strategy. A new way to approach your situation.
    1. Strategies can come from a mentor, coach who has done it already; or a book with loads of information and resources
  2. Empowering Story
    1. If you don’t have what you want, there’s likely a dis-empowering story you are holding on to
    2. Whatever you look for, you’re going to FIND!
    3. The only thing keeping your from success is the story you keep telling yourself
    4. Divorce your story of limitation and marry the truth of your ability!
  3. Your Emotional State
    1. Your emotional state is side by side with your energy level
    2. Energy is everything. The higher your energy level, the higher your execution and higher your performance.
    3. Energy is emotion; high emotion is excitement, enthusiasm, exuberance, happiness, appreciation, gratefulness
    4. Bring your energy for life up and keep it up and your breakthrough is sure to come!

Watch this quick video to get the rest of my take on creating a breakthrough in life! Enjoy!



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