3 Keys to Creating a Leveraged Network Marketing Success System

Want to know how to build a leveraged network marketing success system in your business so you’re not the one doing everything all the time? In this post and video I will share with you the 3 keys to creating a system that works with or without your presence!

One of the beauties and genius of network marketing is its built-in leverage. The ability to utilize resources, people, and systems to create freedom in your life. But how do you develop a system within your own network marketing organization? How do you develop a network marketing success system that works for you and allows your organization to grow, even if you are around or if you’re not?

Why Have a Network Marketing Success System?

Remember that the whole point is to create leverage in our business and in our life. Leverage is the ability to utilize resources, systems and people, and tools around you to get work done, so that you don’t have to be the one doing all the work.

Robert Kiyosaki actually coins this topic in his book Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant (highly recommended read by the way). It is the difference between being in the “Self employed” quadrant and being in the “Business” quadrant.

Having a network marketing success system is important because what if you get sick and you can’t show up? Maybe you’ve got to go away for a while or be with your family? You don’t want to leave for a few weeks and return to find your whole team has fallen apart without you right? So here are a few tips that I think will be extremely helpful for you to begin developing that network marketing success system.



Establish Your Brand

The first thing is to begin establishing your own brand. Brand recognition is so powerful. When you see a brand you know, you recognize it instantly. Whether it’s a bottle of Coke or a Nike check,  you quickly recognize their brand immediately. You know what they’re all about. It’s the marketing principles that the big businesses and big corporations use that is available to you and I as well as small business or home business entrepreneurs.

So it is vitally important to build and develop your brand around who you are and what value you serve to the marketplace. Your brand is measured by how much value you give to the market place.  If you start giving value and pour helpful information into the marketplace, the marketplace will recognize you as a contributor and producer and you WILL be rewarded.

How to Build a Brand

“Hey Chris, I don’t know anything. I’m new and I’m just getting started.”

No problem! You can literally create a brand right now just by following the below steps.

  1. Identify a need or pain point in your niche that you have a passion to solve.
  2. Invest your money and/or time into learning something about the problem and solutions.
  3. Once you’ve learnt it, take action on it.
  4. Then teach it and share your results.

I once heard a marketer say “The more you teach, the more you reach. And the more you reach, the more you earn”. That’s powerful right? Teach, reach and earn… a very simple strategy anyone can follow! I also wrote an article about Brand Building here that can give you more insight.

Establish a Community

The next thing is to build out your community. This is important because you want something that’s bigger than you. You want something that people can congregate around that is bigger than themselves, and inspires them as a whole. It’s this mission, this vision, this movement that people want to be part of.

More over, a community serves a supportive function in your network marketing success system. More often than not, people join the business not necessarily for the money. People join your network marketing business primarily for the camaraderie and community. They are joining to connect with like-minded individuals and to build new relationships. One of the six basic human needs is the feeling of belonging and to be social around others. Building a community serves that human need in a powerful way.

Doing this will also help you get people to stick around in your organization longer and grow your business. Best way to build a community is to utilize Facebook groups. Facebook groups have been proven to be a highly effective engagement strategy that is easy to start and use. This article is one of my favorite that can teach you step by step how to utilize Facebook Challenges in Facebook Groups to engage your team as well as generate more leads and prospects to join your business as well! Check it out Here!

Establish Leaders

The third thing you want to do is to build leaders in your community that can be the cogs for your network marketing success system machine. Leaders are people who are able to take action, answer questions, and figure things out. They’ve got the “gut and grit” and the “cool and calm” in them to figure things out when things don’t go as planned.

First, you want to build leaders because it gives you leverage. You don’t have to be the one doing everything or answering all the questions.

Secondly, you are a developer of people. You’re building people up into the best of themselves. You’re seeing this change in someone, and they’re becoming someone who they never even thought they could be. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of a change like that. And guess what, as you build people up, those people go to build other leaders well. It can inspire and empower more people to become leaders, and now you have a community centered around building leaders, around a supportive culture and a recognized brand.

Combining all three gives you a network marketing success system that upgrades with or without you, giving you maximum, ultimate leverage and will stand the test of time! Isn’t it wonderful?!


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